They say, “Third times the charm,” and historically, this has been true for me. I’m hopeful the adage will continue. With the realization that failure is only a permeant state of affairs if you quit trying, so I decided to quit quitting, and about a year and a half ago, I decided it was time to resurrect my book. After many years of letting the project lie fallow. This endeavor has become a lot more than simply pulling it out of mothballs. Originally titled Sings With Stars and set in a steampunk-inspired world. I decided it was time to reimagine nearly everything about the story world. The tale of its retirement has nearly as much uncertainty, angst, intrigue, and betrayal as the book. However, that is not a story to be told here. Suffice to say; it’s been a journey.

So, here we are, eleven years after I self-published my first book, and I’m ready to give it a go again.  The first time around I chose to forego the traditional publishing route for many reasons. But, now, I will be pursuing traditional publishing. The book, now tentatively titled Heart of Ember is now with my talented editor. And I’m in the early stages of plotting out its sequel.

With the book in the final editing stages, and, because I’m also a visual artist with a love of photoshop and well-developed worlds with propaganda and supporting materials, I’m sure there will also be pictures, too.

First Edition Cover, self-published 2010

As mentioned above, the story has been profoundly reimagined, and I won’t give all the secrets away, but here are a few new elements in the form of a potential book synopsis I’ve been working on…

What if the Otherworld you dream about is a real place? Gigi Storme, school outcast and lone Goth in her sleepy town in the late ‘80s, sarcastic and weird, preoccupied with music, art, knitting, and Victorian insults.

She also has a secret. The music she’s devoted to haunts her. Songs that get stuck in her head are doubling as premonitions. When she has her first vision, it kicks off a chain of seventeen-year events in the making—exposing the lies that have hidden the truth of her origins. The city of Gigi’s daydreams is about to become her reality. 

Second Edition cover, self -published 2012

Instead of the magickal utopian city of equality and acceptance, she finds herself at the heart of a brewing scandal and power struggle that will impact the entire city. Confronting betrayal at the hands of the people she trusts most and parents she thought dead, Gigi must face unimaginable challenges to claim what belongs to her. Her magick. 

Welcome to Elysia, the current Capital City of the Commonwealth of Atlaria. A collection of city-states founded by the refugees of lost continents. Ancient Oracle societies, Ancestors, and folkloric magick weave together to create a city torn from the pages of the books she reads.

Additionally, in the ten-plus years since I published initially, Pinterest has become a thing. So, below is a link to my inspiration boards for characters and elements of my world. And, if you are interested in behind the scenes updates, downloads, promotional stuff and an exclusive blog about this book and the future books, consider becoming a Patron on Patreon. Just hit the button below to check out my page.

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