Heart of Ember

Heart of Ember

After three years of world-building and working with an editor, my novel,  Heart of Ember, is now available. It’s a New Adult, YA/Fantasy book published by Paradox Publishing Collective.

I have a teaser for you and a free knitting pattern that is a companion piece to the book. Knitting plays an important role in the main character’s life and journey. So it seemed an obvious choice to write the patterns. The following photographs were taken for the knitting patterns I wrote in tandem with the book. 

Heart of Ember teaser:

Goth. Knitting. Victorian insults. Tarot. December Wright isn’t interested in the kinds of things that make you “normal” in 1989, and she’s sick of being a foster kid. But her life is about to change forever. A lightning strike reveals her true home, the magical city of Elysia, which has haunted her daydreams for as long as she’s been keeping secrets. Her biggest secret? The songs stuck in her head are premonitions. But Ember’s godfather-slash-employer Whit also has secrets, including the fact that he’s been binding her magic to hide her.

Photo by Anisa Williams

Ember’s first vision of Whit injured and near death signals the failure of his bindings, triggering a series of events that lead them home to Elysia. There, she discovers ancient oracle societies, folkloric magic, and betrayal. Hard truths wait for Ember. First, Whit is her father, and he found her near death at the hands of her mother, Phaedra Rule, who attempted to steal her power. Also, her best friend is actually from Elysia and never said a thing about it. And, finally, Phaedra is still after her.

Add to that a mysterious love interest with ancestral connections, a covetous mother who wields vocal and blood magic to attain Ember’s gifts of prophecy, and transformational trials at the hands of her ancestor witches in the spirit realm. As Ember prepares for an inevitable attack, will her efforts be enough? Who will help her?  How will she defy her mother’s power? Ember faces unimaginable challenges to claim what belongs to her: magic, love, and her place in this new home.


Photo by Anisa Williams

Knitting Patterns:

I am busily writing knitting patterns that I will publish on Ravelry as I complete them. So far, there are three scarf patterns, with a shawl pattern in the works. These all center around Ember. However, knitted garments inspired by other characters are a possibility.  I would like to publish the collection in a companion book.

While we wait, and if you’re interested, the Pinterest page features my inspirations behind the characters and the world.

Pinterest – Heart of Ember 

Additionally, there is a playlist that goes along with the book that is deeply entrenched within the story.  Spotify – Heart of Ember

Interested in Insta? Go here: Heart of Ember Series

Ember’s Scarf Pattern is available on Ravelry

Photo by Bethany Grenier



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