ArtPrize 10 Beauty in the Broken • #metoo

June 26th Update

I am so happy to announce that my ArtPrize entry has found a home. The Bitter End Coffeehouse will be my official venue for ArtPrize. In edition,  The Nomad Gallery by Richard App will host the entire installation. The Nomad Gallery has enough space to House all thirty intended portraits, including the larger pieces. Photographs are being taken at a good pace now and the piece is really coming together. I have some things in the works that I’ll share as they become more definite. But, it is safe to say that I am humbled by the spirit and committment of the women that choose to participate in this piece as well as the response it has gotten from the women that I speak with. I am honored that this piece is a part of my personal and artistic journey.



June 24 Update

As the process of taking photographs as well as making and breaking hearts has continued, so has my anxiousness at not having procured a venue for my entry. This piece has become so important to me, and I refuse to accept the idea that I would not be able to show it, due to the size and content of my entry. So, with the deadline to connect with a venue coming this week Thursday, I decided to change the way my entry will be displayed. With that decision, I was able to secure a venue. I will post those details once it’s official.

As the #metoo movement has grown, I have heard so many comments of surprise at the pervasive nature of these assaults. As a result I began to realize that I can make a powerful statement about the nature of sexual assault by spreading the pieces out around the district. I will be showing a selection of my photos/hearts at my official venue, and if all goes according to my plan, I also have a place to show the entire group of my photos/hearts as an installation in a non ArtPrize space.

I am looking for other business downtown in the ArtPrize district that would like to show a small selection of photos/hearts as a satellite installation. 

So, if you or someone you know owns/runs a business and would like to host a small installation from this entry, please let me know.

The business can, but doesn’t have to be an ArtPrize venue…

                                                 . . .

 Beauty in the Broken •  #metoo

As an art installation, Beauty in the Broken • #metoo encourages women to take ownership of their experiences in a different way. Not as victims but as survivors…. and further more, as empowered women.

For this piece, I’ll be combining my established medium of sculpted sacred hearts with the Japanese art of Kintsugi in order to express the beauty in the broken.

Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken items (pottery) with gold. This teaches us that broken objects are not something to hide, but should be honored because these scars are a part of the objects’ histories and are celebrated for the beauty in the broken.

After sculpting these sacred hearts, I’ll break them and repair them. The finished repair process results in a raised “scar” covered in real gold leaf. The repaired area is stronger than the original surface, and
becomes the focal point to express that strength and beauty.

The Kintsugi heart is then hung in front of black and white photographs of the participating women who have been photographed from the top of the mouth to the middle of the breast. A short depth of field will create a tight, sharp focus in the general area where their real heart lies, and softens and slightly blurs the remaining area of the body.

The photographs give context and weight to the hung hearts by integrating the idea of our healing/healed hearts, into the reality of our everyday existence,  while also grounding the hashtag #metoo in actual women, and not just as a trending twitter hashtag or a bandwagon to jump on.

The photos will be printed on panels of aluminum of various sizes that float slightly away from the surface of the wall. The floating panels are not framed and will be presented in a gallery wall style, and will give a secondary sculptural visual element to the presentation.

The women participating will also be invited to share something of themselves, and their emotions since the event, by titling their photograph. It is difficult to engage the general public with written statements; however, most viewers will often look at the title of a piece. By titling each piece separately, it creates an additional narrative that is more engaging.

This piece is timely, relevant to current events, and proceeds to take a different approach to the #metoo movement by focusing on how to move forward from our trauma, rather than only looking back.

The ongoing conversations about consent and personal boundaries are crucial and this piece is in no way intended to diminish that. This piece honors the ways in which we mend our hearts and our lives after these traumatic events.

#metoo is a part of the piece, just as our experience becomes a part of our lives, but is not the whole of who we are. This piece begins with #metoo, but it is not the whole of the piece… for if we are to move forward as a society, and heal the rifts between us, it must also include healing our own hearts.





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