Welcome,  current and perspective clients!  I am so happy you’ve decided to check out my work.  Helping people realize their vision of beauty is deeply important to me. Feeling at odds with our appearance or our hair is a feeling that most of us can relate to at some point in our lives. It is my commitment as a stylist to help every person who sits in my chair to feel good about  their appearance, as well as help you to understand your hair.

I have a great deal of experience with curly hair. I have encountered so many women with curls who’ve had terrible experiences  and frustrations with haircuts and by extention . It has made me passionate about helping people with curls to understand, manage and even learn to love their curly hair. I will always listen to, and honor your personal experience with your hair. It is my goal to help you have the highest level of “ownership” of your style, all while providing great service, teaching you about your hair,  and building a relationship.

I am well versed in a variety of hair types, including naturally curly, thick, combination, and of course, straight. I specialize in low maintenance great looking hair!

I’d love to meet with you and discuss your needs for any hair service! Please call 616.340.8699 to set up your consultation or appointment today!

Service Menu


Women’s Haircuts w/ shampoo & style | $47

  Men’s Haircuts, w/ shampoo & style | $33

Children’s Haircut| $20 – 30

Style Only | $30+

Special Event Style | $60+

Bride’s Package | $100+
Includes practice session and day of wedding service

Conditioning Treatment | $20+

Added to another service | $5 – 10

Stand Alone Olaplex Treatment | $30+

Olaplex with Color | $15+

All over color/retouch | $60+
+Haircut | $95+

Virgin Application color | $70+
+Haircut | $100+

Highlights/Partial | $80+

Highlights/Full | 90+
+Haircut | $115+

Highlights (full) and color | $100+
+Haircut | $120+

Thermal Retexturizing Controlled Body & Straight | $225+

Color Correction | Consultation Required

Perm | Consultation Required


Brows or Chin | $15

Lip | $10

All three | $30

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In addition to being a licensed hairdresser, Bethany has extensive experience in makeup artistry and styling for photo shoots .  Available both on location or at the salon, please call (616) 340-8699 to discuss your styling needs and prices for on set services.

These photos represent a few different examples of work in all facets of styling for photo shoots, video shoots, as well as weddings and special occasions.

Looks can be tailored to fit the mood and occasion from natural to extreme,for any event you have in mind. Prices are as follows:

                          Make-up Application | $35+

With Hair Services | $25+

Special Occasion Application | $45+

Make-up or Make-over Lesson | $65+

Bridal & Wedding Party Packages | Consultation Required

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