Last year I made the decision to discontinue painting my beloved little calaveras. In some ways it was a difficult decision, and in others, it felt completely obvious and the only correct course of action. However, I should clarify that statement, I decided to stop painting them for the sake of painting them and only create them upon commission.

I started these skulls in 2013 as a way to move through the grief of the passing of my mother and grandfather. They were also a way of honoring my ancestors.

Five years later, I’ve moved through my grief and it has grown to be a part of me, breaking my heart to let the light in, allowing more room for me to grow into my next experiences and the art that will inevitably come through those experiences. So five years and somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 skulls sold, I’ve done the work I set outIan Anderson for Stellafly to do. 

The following photos are the work of five years and represent the most prolific artistic and personal growth i’ve experienced. I’m humbled by the extremely positive response they’ve received and thankful to all the people who’ve chosen to make them a part of their lives.


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