Heart of Ember

Heart of Ember

After two and a half years of world-building and working with an editor, my novel,  Heart of Ember, is ready. Heart of Ember is, of course, the working title for this YA/Fantasy book that I’ve begun submitting to publishers. While we wait, I have a teaser for you and a free knitting pattern that is a companion piece to the book. Knitting plays an important role in the main character’s life and journey. So it seemed an obvious choice to write the patterns. The following photographs were taken for the knitting patterns I wrote in tandem with the book. 

Heart of Ember teaser:

 December (Ember) Valentine knows she’s different, a school outcast and lone Goth in her sleepy, late-80s town. She’s preoccupied with music, art, knitting, and Victorian insults, but also with her secret: songs that get stuck in her head double as premonitions. Ember’s godfather, Adair Whitley “Whit” Valentine (monastic order, Priory of the Draíodóir), also has a secret: Ember was born into Elysia, a magical world they both escaped.

Ember works in her “godfather” Whit’s vintage shop, where he sells mysterious bespoke items made in the magickal world by Kenyon McQuiston, the son of his departed best friend. Ember is drawn to these items, feeling an unexplainable strange sense of connection to his creations. 

December’s approaching eighteenth birthday sets into motion a series of events as the magick that binds her magick begins to fail. Ember is not from the mundane world of mortals but a secret child from a secret world. Her parents, Phaedra Rule and Adair Whitley “Whit” Valentine, are both members of monastic Oracle societies and oath breakers. 

When Whit is drawn to the heart of the Temple of the Oracles, he finds his child near death with magickal wounds. He flees the Temple and magickal world in favor of a non-magickal life to protect her—but he can’t be the father that Ember deserves. 

Despite Whit’s best efforts to shield Ember from the magickal world, a lightning strike shatters the veil, revealing Elysia to her. 

Kenyon, who also feels the connection, seeks Ember at a park, where she has a clairvoyant vision of Whit lying near death. They rush to rescue him, journey to Elysia, and arrive at the Temple of the Oracles, where she learns three difficult truths: Her father, Whit, found her near death at the hands of her mother, who attempted to steal her power; Her best friend Nico Jones is actually from Elysia; Phaedra is still alive.

From the moment Ember enters the magickal city, things escalate. She encounters betrayal after betrayal until she is pulled into the spirit plane, Orinique, to endure a trial of initiation by her ancestors to free her magickal gifts. Her initiation culminates with an iconic flaming heart, a symbol for which she has a deep affinity that ignites transformation within her and releases her bound magick.

Aided by a connection that is a gift from their ancestors, Ember’s relationship with Kenyon progresses quickly, leaving Ember feeling responsible for the target Kenyon now wears.

Ember faces multiple trials of character and spirit only to find herself at the mercy of Phaedra, who once again tries to steal her gifts. Phaedra’s attack combines malignant blood, crystal, and vocal magic called Ariamancy to launch a deadly low-frequency attack and steal Gigi’s gifts. 

Welcome to Elysia, one of thirteen Capital Cities of the Commonwealth of Atlaria, city-states founded by refugees of magickal lost continents. Ancient Oracle societies, Ancestors, folkloric magick, Norns, and Valkyries weave together to create a city torn from the pages of Ember’s mythology books. Instead of finding a magickal utopian city of equality and acceptance, Ember finds corruption at the highest levels, hypocrisy, and herself,  at the heart of a brewing scandal and power struggle that will impact the entire city.


Ember must face unimaginable challenges to claim what belongs to her: magick.



Knitting Patterns:

I am busily writing knitting patterns that I will publish on Ravelry as I complete them. So far, there are three scarf patterns, with a shawl pattern in the works. These all center around Ember. However, knitted garments inspired by other characters are a possibility.  I would like to publish the collection in a companion book.


While we wait, and if you’re interested, the Pinterest page features my inspirations behind the characters and the world.   Pinterest – Heart of Ember 

Additionally, there is a playlist that goes along with the book that is deeply entrenched within the story.  Spotify – Heart of Ember

Interested in Insta? Go here: Heart of Ember Series

Ember’s Scarf Pattern is available on Ravelry

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