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for all the excitement…

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 As promised, here are some updated illustrations…

This first one won’t actually be used in the book. It was a concept that one of the illustrators had, but didn’t work because it was very different than the description of it in the book. It is very cool though, and will be used for the website. It’s called the Brasshopper. It’s a take on the The Chariot Tarot Card, steampunk style. Ted the Illustrator, wanted to give it an organic nature. So he based it partially on a grasshopper. Hence the name Brasshopper.

This next sketch is an image that I’ve been playing with for the cover of the book. Obviously since none of illustrations are finished this will change as the image does. But I like the overall feel of  it.

This last pic was the very first character concept sketch that was drawn for the book. Though Gigi has evolved a bit since then, I still love this one! -b


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Second Draft

I’m so excited! Feedback is starting to come in from the second draft editors! It’s all good so far!!

I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

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