New Cover!

I uploaded the 2nd edition cover and manuscript for Sings With Stars, and anticipate ordering the proof copy within the next two days! So if all goes well, the 2nd edition should be available and for sale next week! So for now, I’ll content myself by revealing the beautiful brand new front cover, by Bethalynne Bajema!

Holiday Craziness & Year’s End Thoughts…

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry about that… There has been so much going on.

The Out of Fashion Show was super awesome!! I’m hoping that Rebecca Kilgore, the owner of will do it all again! It was a lot of work for all involved, but well worth the effort. I just finished up my commissioned orders from that show a few days ago! It’s very cool to know that my creations are gifts!

On a sad note however, my favorite kitty, Masa passed away quite suddenly this week.

I am so looking forward to the new year! This past year was very life changing, some things were great, and others were very challenging! I published my first book, Sings With Stars, turned 40, moved, participated in ArtPrize with my good friends as Cirque Acrica, lost a cat, and started a new venture with my good friend, Bethalynne Bajema in the form of an art magazine called Insects & Angels to name a few!

 This next year will be filled with many art and publishing ventures, including the 2nd edition of Sings with a beautiful new cover, as well as both the audio book and a graphic novel! I’m planning on at least two steampunk conventions, writing my second book, The Dreaming! Not to mention more editions of Insects & Angels, book illustrating and many more adventures that are waiting to unfold!

The very last picture is a special sneak peak at the beautiful new cover for the 2nd edition of Sings With Stars, which will hopefully be ready by late January!!! I’ll keep you posted…

 Thanks for reading!


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