Dia De Los Muertos 2016

I’m happy to share this years Dia De Los Muertos setup. As always , the show was hosted by the Richard App Gallery. I decided to explore a much different set up, and feature some new work. I made two dioramas and three new Catacomb Saint inspired skulls. My traditional calaveras were also a part of of the offrenda. Additionally, I added my hearts from my ArtPrize 8 piece to the offrenda. The inspiration for the AP8 entry grew out of my love for Dia De Los Muertos as well as the process of painting my calaveras. The heart is such a natural part of the Day of the Dead, it was an easy decision to include them.

The immense popularity of the “Catacomb Saint” skulls was overwhelming. I will definitely make more of these, both for future shows as well as for my long dormant etsy shop.

A 360º view of the offrenda can be seen in the photos below…










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