Calaveras for 2015 Dia De Los Muertos Show and the Painting Process

This entry started as a way to show some current Calaveras pics. These photos are all “in progress” photos. Typically many things change as the painting goes on, but I like to show the different stages of the work.

IMG_3983IMG_0052IMG_0055IMG_0059IMG_4027IMG_0047IMG_0056IMG_0045IMG_4448  IMG_3998IMG_4447IMG_4450

But, as I have written this, it has become as personal, as the last entry. And you, dear reader are getting a sneaky peek into the real process of the work I’m working on. The struggle is real, as they say.

Each year, there seems to be a theme that emerges. This year is no different, though if I’m honest, this year has a few themes.

At the start, it began as a way to honor all of the cultural heritages that make up my specific genetic profile. A dear friend of mine has been working on my genealogy for years, and this year gifted me with the actual DNA charting test. What an interesting experience it is to see your heritage mapped out in front of you.  I have so many more heritages than I ever thought.

I won’t bore you with the long detailed process of how I got to this point, but i began to look at each skull as almost an emissary for it’s given heritage. So the question I had to ask myself was, “What would I say to an emissary of that culture about myself and my life? How do I feel about the influence that that culture exerts upon my life? If it has any…

Well, you get the idea.

The second layer of influence that I’m using to direct each skull is the imagery and meaning of certain Major Arcana cards of the Tarot. The tarot played a large part in the first two editions of my first novel (see previous post for more information regarding that). And, as I mourn and lay to rest the idea and the dream of  what that could’ve been and all that it was to me, I open up space for it to become something new; to re-imagine it into something beautiful again. But of course, as I mentioned before, the only way out is through it

.      IMG_0032IMG_0057-2IMG_0047IMG_0063IMG_0048image

As always, thanks for reading!


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