Thoughts on the New Year on the Eve of New Year’s Eve

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2013 or the Year of Changing Identity, Hair and Direction

All right, so that statement might be a bit of an overstatement, but it is safe to say that it was a year of huge changes and shifts! This was an incredibly difficult year for me, but like any year in anybody’s life it has it’s ups and downs. And it is usually only through difficulty and pain that humans manage to grow and evolve. This year offered me many of those opportunities. But, I am grateful to be here and looking forward to new opportunities


In January I entered Dr. Marten’s Share Your Style contest. Basically by submitting a pic of yourself in your Docs, you’re entering to win a free pair. What an awesome start to 2013, I won a pair of Docs!! Below is the rundown of the winners from the Dr.Marten’s facebook page.

Our January Share Your Style Winners!

Clockwise from top-left: Lika from Georgia, Davide from Italy, Nefeli from Greece, Bethany from the US and Joe from the US. Each of you can now choose a free pair of Docs


In March my hubs and I got to see and meet the amazing Peter Murphy, as he toured in celebration of 35 years of Bauhaus. A band I’ve been listening to for 25 years.

I love this photo, it looks like he’s about to show us how his goth hand is way strong. In actuality, he was telling us about his wife. It was a sweet moment, and as you can tell by the smile as big as the moon, I was ridiculously excited…

IMG_8053me at Dia de los MuertosIMG_9679

Had work in art show and sold several skulls!

IMG_9240IMG_9225   IMG_9192

I was so inspired by my skulls I re-worked my Dia de Los Muertos mannequin.


Hubs and I went to Chicago and saw the Cure! Another band I’ve listened to for more than 25 years! In all that time, I somehow never managed to see them, so it was a thrill to finally have the experience. They were amazing!!

IMG_8713IMG_8775IMG_8826  IMG_8695 IMG_8702

We had an awesome time in Chicago, as always.

    And finally, due to both unforeseen events and uncontrollable circumstances, the publication of both books one and two of The Dreaming Trilogy have been postponed until sometime next year, but I promise they are coming!

As always, thanks for reading!


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