Dia De Los Muertos and Painted Skulls

Ian Anderson for Stellafly

So, dear reader, as usual, I find that I am tardy in updating this site. If you’ve been reading my site, you know that I was working a series of Sugar Skull inspired skulls as a way of mourning my departed loved ones and ancestor honoring. me at Dia de los Muertos

I was honored, at their completion to be invited to show them at the Richard App Gallery as a part of their Dia De Los Muertos Show. It was a stunning show featuring sixteen area artists and an authentic tribal Mexican band.

Not only were the skulls very well received by the people that came to the event,  but I also sold several of the skulls! They sold to friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

This project started way back in March of this year and it has spurred so many interesting things. As I documented the progress of the project, many people followed my journey with them. This resulted in a commissioned piece.

A friend commissioned me to paint a specific elemental design on a buffalo skull that had been gifted to her. It is a very special to her, and out of respect to that, I’m only posting some pics of the details and not the entire skull.  It was an amazing , and because of this experience, I’ve now been commissioned to do another animal skull. It is profoundly humbling to me to be trusted with these precious skulls that once held life. It’s an entirely different experience from painting the small resin and stone composite skulls of my series.

  my nite sky mountains fire and water

A quick internet search on painted skulls will illustrate how prevalent painted skulls have been for many years and in multiple cultures.

For me they honor the dead and remind me that life is short, live every day!

Please contact me if you would like a custom dedication skull painted for your departed loved one. This skull I painted to honor my mother.

IMG_7836 IMG_7643IMG_7644

Skulls can be painted in colors and motifs that your honoree loved and can include photos or small mementos. I am open to exploring the possibilities with you.

Custom skulls start at $75.

So for now, I’ll leave you with some images from the Dia De Los Muertos show and the painted skulls. (Some of the pics are “in prog” shots)…

IMG_9774 IMG_9676 IMG_9714IMG_7634 IMG_9617 IMG_9153IMG_9720IMG_9611IMG_9741  IMG_9727IMG_9771 IMG_9763   IMG_9739 IMG_9733IMG_9747IMG_9619IMG_9730 IMG_9736me at ddlm IMG_9731  IMG_9728    IMG_9702 IMG_9708 IMG_9709 IMG_9712 IMG_9716 IMG_9724    IMG_9706

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