The Dreaming: Sings With Stars

…And now for some long over due news on the re-publishing of Sings With Stars…

As many of you doubtless know, my first self published book, Sings With Stars is being re-published by Charmed Life Publishing. Along with this decision to pursue traditional publishing options, I was also faced with many decisions about how to to make the book more appealing to a broader market as well as what books two and three would look like.

The first change was to commission all new drawings that will become the tarot cards at the beginning of each chapter. Where they had once been very anime-inspired, the new illustrations are more accessible to all readers. The process of re-illustration has been very long, but twenty five drawings take time. And they are well worth the wait!

The harder decisions for me were in regard to content and the re-framing of the first book. While the very talented creative partner and illustrator Devin DuMond was busy re-imagining the tarot cards I was busy writing book two, Kingdom of Doubt. After completing the first draft of “Kingdom” I realized that the story had ended. It had reached it natural conclusion. Imagine my surprise…

While it was awesome to see the characters through their destinies, I had one problem. I have always believed that the series would be a trilogy. So I did the only thing I could do , I waited for the answer to come to me.

Finally the answer came. I need to reformat the series as a whole, to look at the entirety of the material I had written with a critical eye and split it into three books. It was a most unexpected solution, but one that felt right.

So after a lot of editing on the part of my publisher and much thought on my part, Sings With Stars ends a bit differently than it’s previous editions had. This new ending is a bit more dramatic (one might even say a bit of a cliffhanger)!

It’ll be a few months yet before the last few drawings and formatting are completed, but I promise it will be re-published very soon, with book two, The Dreaming: Kingdom of Doubt soon to follow!

I am so looking forward to bringing the first book back into the print world as well as an e-book soon to follow. Until then I’ll leave you with some sneak peeks at some “in progress” illustrations (cell phone pics, so the quality is much better in person)!

Thanks for reading!


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