Finally… A Book Update!


As many of you know, earlier this year I decided to re-publish my self-published book, Sings With Stars with the publishing company Charmed Life Publishing. Along with a re-framing of the books and a new edit, I decided to take on a partner, Devin DuMond to do new illustrations. The new edit is well underway as are the illustrations. And now comes the part when I tell you new stuff…

The purpose behind re-publishing the book is to broaden the book’s appeal to a wider market and to that end, there will be some significant changes and re-imaginings of Sings With Stars! The basic story will remain the same, however, there is a bit of new material that I’ve added!  In addition, some of the longer chapters have been broken up into smaller chapters for improved readability, which allows each chapter to pull it’s focus in more tightly. Beacuse of this new edit, several of the chapters are getting new tarot cards!

This decision unfortunately puts the publishing date back just a little bit, as several new cards need to be drawn, but I promise you it will be worth the wait!

As it stands now, book one has gone from 22 chapters to 24 with eight new cards from the Minor Arcana and the Royal cards as well.

For those of you that own original and 2nd Edition copies, these books are now completely off the market, save the few copies in my possession of both editions. I look forward to sharing this re-imagining of my book with you! It’s been quite a long process with many difficult decisions, but this process has polished the book beyond even my own hopes or expectations.

And now, for a final surprise, I’ve got another sneak peek of a new card for you! This is the card inset for The Hierophant tarot card…

I’ll post again soon with more peeks at tarot cards soon!

Until then, thanks for reading!


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