Thoughts on 2011 and 2012

So obviously this is a titch late to be consider a 2011 years end wrap up, but in truth I needed a minute to reflect upon 2011 before I could comment on it. It was a busy year…

The highlights include: Going to Harry Potter world in FL, Seeing Voltaire and Rasputina in the middle of a Michigan blizzard, putting out the 2nd edition of Sings With Stars and taking it to the World Steam Expo after raising funds to do so through a very successful campaign!

I moved to an awesome new salon, Imagination Creations! Did some awesome photo shoots (featuring my re-purposed clothing designs and styling) with my good friend Bethalynne Bajema that were used in Insects & Angels, including on with noted Steampunk photographer Lex Machina!

I was featured as the character in the Fool tarot card in Bethalynne Bajema’s tarot deck and in her graphic novel for the Black Ibis. This summer I performed in my first Butoh performance on the steps of the Grand Rapids Art Museum with my good friend Rachel Finan, wrote the sequel to my first book, and took a lot of random pictures with my Instagram iPhone app, all the while defending my title, “Queen of the Nerds”…

and of course the biggest development that started last years and will be a huge focus of this year is the re-publishing of Sings With StarsĀ  by Charmed Life Publishing, to happen this spring! Featuring beautiful new illustrations by Devin DuMond! Keep checking in to see previews of illustrations as they develop…

Thanks to the following for additional photos:Jody Grenier, Bethalynne Bajema,
Lex Machina, Bruce Madden, and Jason Ash DuMond
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