World Steam Expo Wrap-up

So this last weekend I went to my very first (real) convention…

I say real because the other “conventions” I’ve been to were kind of random and I don’t really count them as a true con experience.

Having said that, I got the real con experience I was looking for. I was at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, MI. The con was really well thought out with programing and activities available day and night.

I was lucky enough to have my book Sings With Stars featured on the table of Bethalynne Bajema (who has two illustrations in my book) and hang out with both Bethalynne and her fiance Myke Amend. They are the awesome!

I got to see several bands, (including Abney Park, who were kind enough to sign my personal copy of my book , on the page that their song is featured on!!) which was super exciting for me! As you can tell by the geek out moment I’m having in this photo…

Other awesome bands I got to see and meet were Gypsy Nomads and Tartanic!

The awesomeness was not limited to just the bands either.
There so many panel discussions available as well as an amazing vendor’s room. I think I saw something I wanted at every table!!

Meeting and having a photo-op with (steampunk) Boba Fett was a high point for me as well, being a huge Star Wars fan!!

He hangs with the people of Penny Dreadful Productions, an amazing collective of craftspeople involved in all sorts of stuff. Seriously check them out!

It was super cool to meet Nick Valentino, author of Thomas Riley, Evelyn Kriete the steam behind Steampunk Tales, and the amazing Miss Monster (and her tentacles of doom) (I made up the tentacles of doom part). There was always something to do and people to meet. There were several people I didn’t get to meet that I hope to in the future…

Lots of amazing people to watch in general and be inspired by. The level of costuming I witnessed there was truly remarkable!

I’m hoping that there will be a second annual World Steam Expo!
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