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YAY! My very first book review has been posted!! The Teen Fiction blogger “Swimmer” has reviewed Sings With Stars for her book blog Breaking the Bookshelf. The following are her thoughts about the book…

This book was a wonderful magical story. The characters and scenery flowed off the page into my head to create a magical image of Gigi’s world. Dispite the fact it was written in 3rd person I was very much effected by the emotions the characters thought to themselves. The book had an unexpected ending that left me begging for the next book in the series. Bethany Greenier did an amazing job of writing out an intense love story and every other relationship within the book. Several times throughout the book I could feel my heart bend as my favorite characters went through pain, loss, and many other vividly described details and emotions.

In the end the book’s great writing, characters, and plot line left me begging for more of the wonderful land created within the pages.

Overall Rating: 5/5

One word/phrase sum up: Magickal

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